Monday, 1 September 2014

The Beehive Opened after Refurbishment - the Art Looks Great on the 'New' Walls

It was with great excitement I went down to put some Swindon Open Studios artists' paintings last week; the Beehive had been closed for 16 days for the first refurbishment for 30 years. What would it be like? In fact it's got all the good features from before with a few refinements like padding on the seats, stained glass bees where there were extractor fans and golden bee wallpaper.
Here are a few photos:
 The one above shows the new padded seats and 'Ruby Tuesday' about to be hung
And below, Andy Marcer, landlord of the beehive looking anxious 4 hours before lift off.

 Don't these 2 pictures look fab on the black wall? Jane Milner-Barry's 'Ruby Tuesday and Margaret Sadler's 'Bales 1'
 Below Ken White's 'Steaming Along' and Rachel Pryor's 'Badbury Clump' looking superb on the 'new' wall
 How about Tim Carroll's 'Edmund Street' on the black wall? Super choice of paint.
 And below there are three of Tim's paintings on the exhibition wall in the main abr which as you can see looks great. You can also see the stained glass bee.

 This wallpaper is on the ceiling of the chapel, it's an old map of Swindon:
 And here's the bee wallpaper:
 On top of this, there's a new, improved website and free WiFi, and there will be food and there's a wine list.

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  1. Looks great, I look forward to seeing it in person sometime soon.