Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Tour of Swindon Open Studios Venues 15, 16, 17 and 12

I think I was the only person who believed we might just be able to visit everyone on Saturday 13th of September. It proved impossible to do so, and I was disappointed I'd said I'd be able to do it.
Jane Milner-Barry, Nicky Ann Walker who was filming the day and myself set off for Vanetta Joffe's house early that morning from Rachel Pryor's house:
 We followed a pattern of chatting to the host(s), taking photos and then driving off. I think I'll mainly add the photos without too much text.
 Above a lovely painting of a beach, and below the entrance hall
In some cases, my phone took better photos which I Tweeted, than the camera, such as this lovely watercolour of the garden:

 Joe Wright, used the dining room to display his very special photographs and showed us the non digital camera he uses for taking them.
 Below Vanetta and Nicky looking at the photos:
From Liddington Manor, we went to Longcot to visit Pat Elmore at Nutford Lodge:
 The gardens are superb with lots of Pat's sculptures in them
 Below a photo taken in Pat's workshop

 Here Pat's work displayed in her 'showroom'

And on the way out, I photographed this lovely swan planter which I bought:

 From Pat's, we went along the road to Sharon Rich's sculptures at Henleaze Farm:
 Very tactile sculptures in the studio

 And a selection of pieces dotted around the garden as well, I liked this very much:

 In addition to a garden full of sculptures, Sharon also has lots of breeds of hens and sells hens and eggs. I bought some eggs which are delicious.
From Longcot, we went across to Stanton Park Farmhouse where Every Cloud, a group of 9 artists and makers, were exhibiting their work

 Particularly impressive are Geoff's metal work creations, I'd like a poppy for the garden, and in the middle is a photo of Anne Billingham's gate, and below a close up of a snail on the gate
Inside the farmhouse were examples of other people's work:

And off to Maggie Harris' studio.....

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