Thursday, 18 September 2014

Visiting Venues 9, 11 and 22

And onto Maggie Harris' studio where we found:
 A series of panels showing the Ridgeway above, and below a fabulous felted piece

 More amazing work, including the cat
 A sewing machine made in 1880s
 and below an amazing poppy field, which I found hard to resist:

From Maggie's studio, we went on to Riff's Bar where we found Billy Beaumont on good form:

 The painting above is called 'Wednesday' and had sold, as had many of his paintings.
From there we went to see Kim Pethybridge and Arty Pumpkin at Beranburh Field in Wroughton where there were more hens, bought from Sharon:

 Kim's studio and sculptures:

 Her Acers
 One of Arty Pumpkin's pictures

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