Friday, 3 October 2014

Last 2 Days in the Beehive- Sophie Corrigan and Lynette Thomas' SOS exhibition

If you haven't seen this exhibition, try and get along to the Beehive today or tomorrow, it has been the September exhibition for open studios, I took these photos in the evening of the 'longest day' when I whizzed round with Jane and Nicky documenting as much of SOS 2014 as we could manage to do.
Here's what we saw:
 The mosaics are made by Lynette Thomas, and the mixed media pictures by Sophie Corrigan, also in the photo is the stained glass bee covering a vent, it's one of two made by Mike Perkins.
 There were also some of Sophie's pieces hanging from the ceiling rather like the Christmas tree does.
A glorious display, I'm looking forward to having my Edrica's butterfly back home with me.

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