Monday, 6 October 2014

Last day- Frick Collection, High Line and inside the Chrysler building

Last day, what hadn't we seen? We did want to look at the Frick Collection, and it didn't disappoint, it's housed in a mansion built for the steel magnate Henry Clay Frick in 1913-14. The museum has a dozen splendid rooms housing masterpieces such as Titian, Vermeer, Gilbert Stuart, El Greco and Goya. There's a really good audio tour, but no photographs except in the fountain area:
 There's a side entrance, and below where photographs are permitted
And from the fountain area, a lovely Whistler:
From the Frick, we took a taxi to half way down the High Line and were so pleased that we did, the elevated tracks were created to move freight off the busy streets in 1900s, eventually they became obselete, and the idea to convert the area into a public green space; it opened in 2009 and is extremely popular and a quick way of reaching Greenwich Village. Here are some photos:

Plants used include ornamental grasses, Asters, Echinacea, Sedums and hardy geraniums.
 A white flowered Persicaria and an odd sort of grass. I've sown the collected seed.

 Another Chrysler building sighting on the way to it!!
 A quick trip into Grand Central Station to have a quick look at its splendour.
And into the chrysler building reception area:

 The grand entrance above and below another good image of the building
 Information about the woods used on the lift doors
 About the height of the buildings

 The ceiling

 The actual lift doors

 And finally it was going dark as we went to the airport, it was a bumpy ride, but I managed a last photo before we boarded our plane to come home after a fabulous 4 nights in New York
If you fancy a trip, try and go, you won't be disappointed, it's great.

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