Monday, 13 October 2014

Rumsey Gardens Revisited

I'd been really looking forward to my annual visit to Rumsey Gardens nursery where I bought some great Asters last year. Things change however, the winter storms caused havoc at the nursery, bringing down Leylandii surrounding the site, onto greenhouses and destroying much valuable stock.
It all looked very different, but the stock of plants is as varied as I had hoped it would be, and although there were fewer Asters, I still managed to buy two.
We arrived during a thunderstorm and so had to wait in the first greenhouse until it blew over:

 This borage plant was spectacular with flowers of a delightful shade of blue
 Once the rain passed, and the sun came out, we were able to look at the sales area:

 And yet more plants here:
 Beyond the plants is a great 'garden' area with fabulous grasses

 It's a great place to visit even if you're not buying plants as Sarah found:

 And here's what I bought:
Saxifraga fortunei WADA, Heuchera Blackberry Jam, Roaemary Blue Lagoon, Echinacea purpurea Vintage Wine, Echinops ritro Veitch's blue, Alpine Sedum makinoi, the grass I settled on was Miscanthus sinesis Kleine Silberspinne, Eryngium varifolium Miss Marbel, Alpine Sedum dasyphyllum, Campanula punctata Silver Bells, Aster lateriflorus Horizontalis and Aster novae-angliae September Ruby.
I think more lawn will have to go in order to accommodate them, but this afternoon was too miserable to go outside and begin digging.

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