Monday, 6 October 2014

The Rockefeller Centre, Cycling round Central Park and a night cruise -first whole day in New York

This is a 22 acre site on which stand 19 buildings, 14 of which are the original art deco structures. As well as the buildings, we wanted to see the views from the Top of the Rock, at 70 stories up, the view when you first see it, literally takes your breath away:

You can walk round and see all 360 of the view, I was fascinated by the Central Parks views and the Empire State building and the One World Trade Centre at 104 floors high, the tallest building in New York, easily recognised by its tapering antenna.
Leaving the Rock, we walked beside the Michael Kors building:
And next door, the Kol Haan building

And then saw the amazing towers of St Patrick's cathedral against the blue sky:
From there we spent the afternoon cycling round Central Park, I didn't take any photos!
I made up for it that evening when we went on a cruise around the bay:

The Statue of Liberty was the highlight of the trip, it looked amazing at night.

 It was hard to photograph the skyline without people's heads in the way, and people doing 'selfies'

 I am also torn between using phone camera photos and real camera photos.
I like this one.

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