Monday, 6 October 2014

Visiting New York - first impressions

Four friends spending four nights in New York, what could be more exciting? And indeed so it proved to be, and exhilarating and different; the people were very friendly, and the streets weren't as crowded as I'd anticipated. The four nights flew by, and after a very short time, it was so easy to find your way around because of the grid system of streets and very sensible naming system.
Six months ago, we booked our flights and our stay in the Distrikt Hotel. If you look at the website, there's a wall to the right of the door, this is no longer there, and when we arrived, there was lots of drilling adjacent to reception going on, so it was hard to make ourselves understood, slightly confused as well by the fact that one of our party had had to stay behind because she'd had an appendicitis, so we were three not four.
More or less undeterred, we set off to explore New York, and begin ticking off our lists things we wanted to see.
The Distrikt Hotel is Midtown, and the first thing we came across was a pair of ballet dancers being filmed in Times Square:
 We walked around a bit and then, we went back to our hotel and I took the first photo from the room, emphasising the blueness of the sky:
 An unusual and exciting view from a hotel room

We walked on a bit and came across Bryant Park, now a leafy oasis, but once dubbed 'Needle Park', it's now a masterpiece of what a park should be with clever planting schemes, pleasant seating, a cafe and a carousel. Here are some photos taken there:
 Above a great fountain, below a huge planter with good use made of Coleus.
 Below fabulous vertical planters
 and here's the Brooklyn made Le Carrousel
Looking up from the park on a sunny afternoon:
 We realised the skyscrapers look wonderful sillhouetted against the sky.
 And below the first skyscraper reflection I saw in New York.
We walked on beyond the park, past the Bryant Park Grill with its exotic planting displays outside. We never did get back and eat there at the first floor restaurant overlooking the park.
 Behind Bryant Park we saw the Central Library and began to realise we were going to see some excellent architecture in New York
 Below a detail from the door area
And the door
 From there we walked down the Library Walk along E 42nd St where we saw lots of brass plaques laid into the pavement, and ended up at Grand Central Station where we got our first view of the iconic Chrysler building

There is the Chrysler building just peeping through in the sun.

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