Monday, 27 October 2014

Walking to Bradenstoke from Tockenham Wick

On one of the warmest, most lovely days in late October, ie. yesterday, a walk seemed like an ideal activity, and I liked the idea of going to somewhere I hadn't been before. Bradenstoke had been mentioned recently, and looking at the map, I realised why I hadn't been there before, it has Lyneham airfield to the south and the main London-Bristol railway line and M4 to the north, making it appear to be hemmed in by too much civilisation.
It seemed like a good idea to park near the railway line at Tockenham Wick, and then walk along the ridge of high ground via the Banks to Bradenstoke, coming upon it on foot, rather then driving straight there.
At The Banks, we took a slight wrong turn and came across a fabulous antique shop, The Pillars, there is an amazing amount of furniture, garden ornaments and other wonderful things:
 In the showroom, there is just room to squeeze between the furniture, whatever you want, it will be there.

 I wish I'd known about this place when I'd wanted a marble topped washstand for the bathroom, I wonder if it would fit in...

It took a while to find Tim amongst the furniture, but having done so, we walked along to Bradenstoke via a green lane, and came across the first of the many religious buildings there:

Above a Primitive Methodist Chapel, below is the Church of St.Mary
 and Providence Baptist Chapel:
 There were lots of very old houses in the main street, two of which are currently for sale:

 There was also a great pub, the Cross Keys, which sold some great Black rat cider.
Bradenstoke is a great place to walk around, and being on a ridge, there are excellent views form it as well.
I'm now determined to walk more adventurously, it pays off.

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