Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wellbeing and the New Economy Workshop

This wonderful workshop was held on the 15th November at the Central Community Centre in Emlyn Square, formerly the first  hospital in Swindon.
Twelve of us attended the workshop billed as' designed to get you thinking and doing, to equip you with new tools for engaging and activating your own community'. It was led by Inez Aponte, an inspirational teacher who introduced us to the work of Manfred Max-Neef's model of Human Scale Development and encouraged us to look at economics and satisfying our needs in an alternative, but intuitive way.
The course felt like a positive beginning, and many new connections were made between the people on the course, and I think we may continue to develop together.
 Here we are putting Post its onto the 9 requirements for wellbeing as we saw them:
 The 9 Manfred Max-Neef needs: idleness, understanding, affection, identity, protection, participation, creation, subsistence and freedom
You can find out a lot more about this project by visiting the blog: and from there the Facebook page.

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