Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pop Up Shop in Avenue Road - a Relaxing Way to Shop

Last weekend, Sarah and I visited a pop up shop in Avenue Road where three people were sharing a living room to sell their products, it was a brilliant opportunity to browse a range of lovely things and chat to their makers.
Outside the house was a welcoming sign:
 And the poster I had seen on Facebook:
 Once inside, branches with lovely dangling decorations, including reindeer bells
 Below, Leanne Holman Phillips with her beautiful Echo Foods talking to Sarah.
 Below a close up showing the Christmas cakes, boxed things and jams and chutneys
 some of which were reduced because they are near to their sell by date
 Below a selection of Karen Holman's lovely canvasses with dried heads of flowers last seen at Stanton Farmhouse as part of Every Cloud Open Studios
There were also a lovely range of bags made by Sarah Donegan, seen below:
I left with lots of lovely presents and decorations for the tree. I'm hoping that the trio might consider opening again for Swindon Open Studios next year.
Leanne is based in Malmesbury where she lives with her husband Jon Phillips who runs the intruigingly named 'Rust and Rot'

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