Sunday, 7 December 2014

Walking from Portishead to Clevedon along the Coastal Path

Yesterday morning started with a sharp ground frost and clear blue skies, the perfect time to walk to Clevedon from Portishead in search of a pop up shop recommended by the Tinca Gallery.
The coastline from Portishead front looked inviting, but hard to photograph because of the low sun:
 Very quickly we came across the Blacknore lighthouse it's very photogenic, especially on such a fabulous day, I'll include two photographs:

 There was lots of cow parsley flowering, so lovely:
The footpath leading the walker on
 And some beautiful gorse in flower:
 The tide was coming in, but ti was still possible to see deep channels in the sand
 And before long, we saw Clevedon Pier coming into view
 This is one of many Nasturtiums seen along the way:
 And a closer view of the pier:
I imagined Clevedon to be a small town with a pier, some coffee shops and a high street, but there's much more to it than that. We walked past the Curzon Cinema which I didn't photograph, but which is one of the longest continuously running cinema in the world apparently. We didn't do our internet research prior to the trip, so didn't find the pop up shop and the library was closed for lunch when we walked past.There is a convenient bus back from Clevedon best caught where the coastal path meets the road.

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