Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Favourite Route to Avebury

It was sunny and crisply frosty this morning, perfect for a walk to Avebury. I have a favourite route involving very little traffic, perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle.
From Swindon, walking by Croft Woods and down the path beside the entrance to the golf course, across the motorway and up Ladder Lane, an old drover's route to Marlborough:
 Past the ancient beech tree, now felled, and turn left onto the Barbury Castle road by Halcrow.
 And very soon, take a right to Overtown
 along a lovely quiet lane
 and turn left where you see this thatched cottage
carry on walking on the road until you reach a cross roads, go straight ahead
 and carry on walking until you reach the Ridgeway and turn right
 couldn't resist the Cow Parsley 'skeletons' against the sky
 Looking back you can see Barbury Castle in the distance
 and 'hedgehogs' pepper the skyline beside the Ridgeway
 It's a lovely quiet walk along the Ridgeway with yellowhammers, greenfinches, sparrows all flitting about, and the occasional red kite soaring into the sky before diving down. The peace was shattered by three 4x4 vehicles driven by shrieking boys, but otherwise blissfully quiet.
 Above the sign on the right indicating Avebury is just over a mile away, in fact a nip down the hill
 Glancing at a Scabiose braving the frost on the way down
 And the Red Lion ahead beside the bus stop.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

More Advent Windows and a Couple of Night Time Photos

It's a good idea to have a look at the windows in the day and then at night as well, because some of the lighting is really well done.
We're starting with the 18th December:

I love looking at them, and have so far only photographed a couple at night, December 5th has changed and been improved with some Cellophane angels lit from behind to good effect:
 I definitely would like that effect next year, and below lots of light:
There is also a Christmas tree at the bottom of the road where we sang carols and ate and drank festive food on December 23rd.

Advent Windows - well worth the effort

I readily agreed to taking part in an Advent window scheme in our road, and was given a number to appear in the window on the allotted day, along with a decoration of some sort. It has been a tremendous success with the standard getting higher each day as people make a better display than the previous ones. Lights have been added as well when it was realised that they look great lit up at night, below are some daytime photos, but I'll follow up with some night ones as well.
I'll try and get them in order.

The Three Kings is number 16, there are a few gaps which I'll fill.
The last seven windows will be in the next blog.
Isn't this a fab idea? We'll all do much better next year.... though this is a great start.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

We're Just About Ready for Tim's Christmas Open Studio Tomorrow

Do come round if you're free tomorrow, we're open from 11am until about 8pm.
All I've had to do is make the 52 mince pies::
 The kitchen has been transformed with loads of ceramic pieces:
 Aren't these birds produced from a drawing made in Ilfracombe wonderful?
 Birds in a bower lovely as ever:
 And I love these
 The triangles on small dishes are new this year:
 With some fascinating patterns
 Close up of some things in the kitchen
 The trolley is also laden
 And here's the top shelf of the trolley:
Come along if you are in the area.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

An Invitation to Tim's Christmas Open Studio

I have been taking photos of the lead up to our Christmas event, Tim Carroll's Christmas Open Studios for weeks, but there have been problems with glazes, clay, the kiln and the new patterns, so have not been able to send out the invitation until today when Tim was finally happy he had enough 'new stuff'.
Here it is:

 Please share with friends, I'm hoping it'll be a good festive day.
Here are some of the earlier photos showing Tim making the ceramics:

And then waiting to go into the kiln:

Hope you can come along next Sunday.