Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Milk and Honey Walk with White Horses!

I hadn't thought of this at the time, but going for a walk on Milk Hill, reputedly the highest ground in Wiltshire, with a beautiful white horse on it, visible from the Barge Inn at Honey Street is indulging in milk and honey in more ways than one!!
To make the most of the day, we left Swindon at 9am, and were very pleased  to be going on a sunny day, once near Milk Hill though, it became colder and a heavy mist came down, it wasn't possible to see anywhere from Milk Hill, hence no photos of there.
We intended to have lunch at the Barge Inn at Honey Street, one of my favourite places, however their kitchen ceiling had fallen in, so they weren't cooking food. I did take several photographs of the Milk Hill  white horse:

 and some delightful teasles:
 And loved this view of the first bridge along the canal in the direction of Devizes from the Barge Inn
 And looking back from that spot towards the pub:
 We ate at the lovely canal side pub at Horton and I tried to take photos of white horses from the car on the way home:
 Here's the one at Cherhill
 And the Uffington one
 Coincidentally I heard from Theatre Des Bicyclettes today, they performed a a multi media show entitled The Nine White Horses, a travelling show based on the history of the 9 white horses of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire which they'll perform for you. I saw them in the Beehive a wrote a piece about them last year, I thought they were excellent. Please ring 01973 725206 if interested in booking them.

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