Saturday, 24 January 2015

Making Marmalade without Lots of Peel Chopping

Until I discovered the key to chopping peel, making marmalade was a bit of a chore, I'm offering this simple method which you may know and might be able to improve upon.
I have a battered copy of Mary Norwak's Book of Jams, Marmalades and Sweet Preserves which I look at but don't really follow because it has so many marmalade recipes, and it's difficult to decide which one to use.
I put 3lbs of marmalade oranges in a pan with 3 pints of water and a lemon and boiled them together over about 6 hours gently, on my wood burning stove, and then left them for about 36 hours:
After being boiled for so long, the skins are very soft, and easy to cut in half; put the contents of each orange into a pillow case and the peel is then very easy to slice into very small pieces, much better than previous marmalade which I made which used to have great chunks of peel because it was so hard to cut.
Below here's the pillow case containing the pith which is simmered with the chopped peel for a couple of hours.
Next remove the pillowcase, add 3lbs of sugar, dissolve the sugar in the mixture and boiled hard for 20 minutes until the marmalade starts spitting at which time it should have set, put it into hot jars and cover:

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