Monday, 19 January 2015

The Newly Refurbished Designer Outlet Centre

I wasn't much of a fan of the previous Designer Outlet Centre, certainly for clothes, because unless you were very small or very large, there wasn't much choice. I had heard very good reports of the newly refurbished former railway works, so went along yesterday to have a look.
I walked from the town centre and was struck by how everything in that area wonderfully finished, from the underpass onwards. Even the sign telling you what's in Churchward looks good:
From there I went to have a look at the shops, and didn't take photos of outside until leaving around 5pm because of a phone malfunction, sorted by switching it off.
It looks really good inside the outlet centre, all very clean and shiny. I quickly found the Ecco shop, and bought a great pair of walking boots reduced from £180 to £72, and was very tempted by lots of other gorgeous boots and shoes, but managed to leave with just one pair with a card which gives me 10% off when I've bought 5 pairs of boots or shoes!! I took a photo of the size 40s:

 As you can see Ecco is next to Ghost, Jigsaw and Phase Eight.
From there, I tried, but failed to get a photo of the small train taking people around the centre, there's also a great play area for children.
On the way out, I was struck by the wonderful half light at 5pm which enabled me to take these photos:
 Don't trees make a difference? I think that's the Steam museum in the background with sunset reflecting off it.
 Two shots of the lamps on the side of a building:
 Taken at the same time.
 I love this building:
 And emerging from the magnificence that is the Churchward area, it was sad to see the Mechanic's Institute looking neglected and left out. Hopefully it's next to be refurbished.
The Designer Outlet Centre certainly gets my thumbs up, go and have a look.

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