Monday, 19 January 2015

'Theatre of the Soul' Exhibition - Private View in Bridport Arts Centre

I could almost get used to the drive from Swindon to Bridport, it was a lot easier the second time than the first, despite it being undertaken on a Friday afternoon. A glorious sunset on the M5 helped pass the time.
We arrived on time and filled with anticipation, would people turn up, and what would the hang look like?
The outside of Bridport Arts Centre looked stunning in the dark:
 And once inside the gallery, it was obvious that David Brooke, the curator who had asked a number of artists if they would like to take part in this exhibition, had gone to a lot of trouble to get the hang right. It looked great, and the place quickly filled up with lots of friendly people seen below:

 Above I took a photo of Tim Carroll talking to a gallery owner, and then I took a few photos of  pieces I particularly liked.
 Above one of Ian Rowden's digital images which shows a mannequin altered somehow and printed onto aluminium plate.

 Above Nancy Farmer's 'Medusa in Modesty' in Gouache.

 Above one of David Marl's pictures entitled 'How many miles to ..', I didn't photograph the title properly!It was hard to decide which one to photograph, they are small, but somehow complete.
Next I photographed Tim Carroll's work, I should have included the people in the tree which looked even more splendid than the one I have photographed, but can't make the right decisions all the time.

 This  one is called 'Couple'
and this one above Tim's 'House'.
 Above and below Amanda Popham's ceramics
 The one above is called 'A Jostling' and is sold.

 Above Kate Walters 'Whispering to the Silent Sky'

 Above David Lawrence 'Morning Herald'

Irene Jones 'The Wonder Room'

Above I think is Katherine Rose's piece, the label is blurred.
Above 'Cliff faces' by David Brooke, the curator of the splendid exhibition. If you click on his name, the link takes you to David's Facebook page where you'll find more photos of the PV.

Above Caroline Ireland's 'Taking a Cat for a walk'
The exhibition runs for 6 weeks, until the end of February, so do have a look if you're in the area. The curator, David Brooke will be giving a talk about curating the exhibition on January 24th at 2pm .

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