Thursday, 29 January 2015

Why is Everyone Wassailing?

Well of course not everyone is wassailing, but there have been three consecutive weekends of wassailing here, firstly at Avebury, then TWIGS and one I managed to get to at the Secret Garden in Queens Park.

It was a beautiful day for it, about 70 of us gathered together, drums were beaten as we marched around the edge of the garden, we then gathered around a tree and sang a song, shouted loudly to scare away evil spirits and then sang songs to bless a chosen apple tree, poured some apple juice around the base of the tree, and hung pom poms on it. The aim was to ensure a fruitful harvest, but also ensured that people volunteered to help work in the garden.
My photos didn't turn out well because I photographed into the sun. Below here's one of the people with an ivy and berry crown
 And the pom pom making:
 General chatting
 All sorts of tasty wholesome free range food for free range people including burgers and apple cake
 The photo below was taken while the ceremony was taking place
 And here are the fab drummers - Bang 2 Rights
Carole Bent also took fab photos which she said I could use; they appear below:

 Above Kathryn Kay of Incredible Edible with a lovely pom pom, and below relaxing with mulled cider

 There's almost a tradition that members of the local residents' association appear in sunglasses, so here's a funny one of them:
And here's a copy of the poster which gives an idea of what it was about:
Elmar Rubio also took some fab photos which can be seen on Facebook.

And Swindon Viewpoint was there as well with more explanations than I have managed:

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