Wednesday, 11 February 2015

February Exhibition at the Beehive

There's a great exhibition currently showing at the Beehive, featuring 9 pieces of work by the fabulous plein air duo, Susan Carr and Terry Humphries. It's even more tempting to visit than before with Cineworld now open at Regent Circus.
Here are a few photos of the exhibition taken when it had just been hung:
 Above a general view of four paintings and mainly the wall!
 This painting is bottom left of the four, titled 'Cows Grazing - Wiltshire' by Susan Carr, and beside that, seen below: 'January Sunset' by Terry Humphries.
 And to the right of the window:
 Below, a close up of 'Bristol Docks' by Terry.
 Below another angle on that wall:
 And finally an attempt to show the whole exhibition.
The only way to see it properly it to visit the Beehive before the end of the month.
More of Susan and Terry's work can be seen as part of the Old Town Gardens Exhibition organised by Caroline Day at Vu:Du at 96, Victoria Road, Old Town.

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