Saturday, 14 February 2015

Walking from Laugharne to Pendine along the Beach

Situated beside an estuary, it's not immediately easy to see how to go for a circular walk for the day. However having looked at 2 OS maps before leaving, it seemed possible to walk from Laugharne along the wall, and out to the beach and onto Pendine sands and to the village of Pendine.
Another glorious day, with sand stretching in front and behind:
There were many shells washed up:
 The odd jellyfish
And quite a few plastic sculptures:
It was sheltered by the sand dunes and difficult not to fantasise that it was mid summer, the sun was so strong and it felt warm. It was when we stopped for lunch that I realised I'd left the maps behind, so having arrived at Pendine, we had to try and make our way back to Laugharne along National Cycle Route 4.
Keeping the sea on our right, we couldn't really go wrong, although I hadn't heard of a village called Red Roses, the only option on the signpost at one point, but had to believe it was on the way back, which it was, thank goodness. The first lambs I'd seen this year were happily gambolling about:
 There were also lots of wind turbines up on the hillsides:
And on the third day in Laugharne, I looked again at the Boathouse and took another photograph of the amazingly situated house:
If you haven't been to Laugharne, give it a go, although apparently the sun doesn't always shine quite like it did last weekend.

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