Monday, 23 March 2015

A Trip to Wells for the First Rare Plant Fair of 2015

It's officially the gardening season again with the first Rare Plant Fair held in the grounds of the Bishop's Palace in Wells. There are 13 Fairs being held in 2015, all are in beautiful and prestigious gardens, making a great day out for everyone interested in gardens and gardening. The nurseries  present at the fairs are always very knowledgeable about their interesting and unusual plants, and can offer advice on growing conditions and the best treatments for optimum results.
The first sight of the Cathedral in Wells takes ones breath away, and yesterday it looked great against the blue skies:
There were 2 mounted police officers outside for some reason.
From there I was keen to get into the Fair:
 This gives an idea of how laden the tables were with plants, and despite the cold wind, there were lots of people eagerly buying plants
 I will also include a Magnolia just coming into flower:
From theFair, we went to look around the 14 acre gardens with these Euphorbias which made me really appreciate them when I saw them a couple of years ago, aren't they lovely?
 And below, these Hellebores were also so stunning
From there we walked to the well-pools from which the city gets its name
 It's possible to see the springs in the clear pools.
From there we looked at the Bishop's Palace:
Here's the entrance to the main hall, seen below:
 There was lots of stained glass like this, apparently recovered from Rouen
 A great dining room:
 A lovely window
And this is the ceiling in that room:
From the Bishop's Palace to the Cathedral:
 The interior was stunning and so were the stained glass windows:
I made some really lovely purchases, I left the Corydalis out of the group:
Next week there's a Rare Plant Fair at Evenley Wood Garden NN13 5SH, a fabulous garden to explore, set in 60 acres of woodland.

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