Saturday, 7 March 2015

First Monday of the Month in the Beehive

The first Monday of the month is always a pleasant evening with a variety of people who like having a chat, some of the time about art, everyone is welcome, so if you haven't been to this event, please come along to the next one on April 6th from 7.30pm onwards.
Last Monday, I'd been to Bridport, Honiton and Bath for the opening night  of the fab exhibition in Bath featuring 32 paintings from Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, Gwen John to Lucian Freud, so it was good to arrive at the Beehive for a relaxing sit down.
 There's an interesting exhibition this March, I'll have to go in again to find out more:

 A couple of close ups:
And a seagull from the sea front at Lyme Regis who was most disappointed we didn't share our sandwiches.

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