Sunday, 29 March 2015

Looking Round PaRa Community Gardening Sites

Last Thursday, three members of PaRa, that's Pipers Area Residents' Association
 met with Martin Hambidge of SBC to look at the community gardening sites we have been working on to see if there was anything that needed doing by the council ahead of the next community event on Sunday 17 May 2-5pm.
I took photos as we went round the sites so we can see how they improve as we move from winter senescence to spring and summer growth.
We started at the Mr Cod bed opposite Baila coffee and long's Bar. This bed has stood up well to the rigours of winter, although it needs a bit of weeding, the perennials donated by Lydiard Park Heritage garden looked tough in the autumn, and have come through the winter well:
 Here's a lovely violet from my garden
 And Jane surveying the bed
 From there we moved to the bed beside the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, a challenging spot with shallow soil with many roots around a tree stump. Martin suggested planting just the front part that can be seen from the road, and putting a green roof on the unsightly brick structure.
 From there, we went to the first bed we made with the help of the council who removed the ivy and rubbish, and added a lot of topsoil. Martin agreed this bed had done very well considering its challenging position. The grasses need a bit of a tidy up, with the old grass being pulled out.
 And over the road from Rose Earle's shop, on Station Approach, our most lovely bed, the Decaux bed which the people who paste posters to the hoarding have described as the best bed they visit
 Although the top part, designated as a vegetable gardne needs a bit of attention.
 From there we walked through the trading estate to Berenger Close, and saw work of the Scouts had paid off here
 and here
 and here. Looking so lovely.
 The daffs by the Evelyn Street Bridge are bulking up well and looking great just now
 as are those at the entrance to Signal Way, and by the Evelyn St toilets.

 Walking back along Marlborough Road, just before the entrance to Dewell Mews, someone else has tidied up the area beside the road.
What a difference these plantings, litter collection and general attention to the area make.
The poster for the next event to follow.

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