Friday, 20 March 2015

Thank you Matt, for putting SOS in the Swindon Festival of Literature Brochure

It was a real pleasure yesterday to go to the launch of the 22nd Swindon Festival of Literature, to look inside the brochure and see it's better than ever this year, I could happily go to everything!
The proceedings started with Matt Holland encouraging us to spread the word about the festival, give brochures out, send postcards and generally make sure people know about it.
Proceedings livened up with Jake juggling while his glamorous assistant played a squeezebox, I've included a few although realise I should have been nearer the front:

Rachel Rose Reid told us a story, and Teresa Page, our Mayor talked about her love of literature.
Refreshments were great, home made ciabatta sandwiches were my favourite part of the lunch.
As ever the festival begins with the Dawn Chorus at Lawn Woods on Monday 4 May at 5.30am, don't miss that bit.
And to see the SOS advert, turn to page 18 in the brochure and you'll see  this:
Pat Elmore's sheep were looking on from a higher vantage point this year, last year they were herded into a corner. They will be leaving the Central Library courtyard soon, if you are interested in buying them, they are £350 each, please email to register an interest in them.
 From there, Teresa Page went to the Pride of Swindon awards, where coincidentally Gerry Hannon was also receiving an award:
Gerry can just about be seen on the screen:
 Here's Teresa in her full robes and tricorn hat, what a star she is
From the awards to Swindon Museum and Art Gallery for the John Greenwood talk and Friends' social- photo courtesy of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery:

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