Sunday, 1 March 2015

Two SOS Exhibitions Hung in One Day

It seemed like a good idea to put up 2 exhibitions in March to advertise Swindon Open Studios, one in the Window Gallery, opposite Artsite in the Handmade Swindon shop, and the other in the Courtyard Gallery in the Central Library, behind the cafe. Of course it is a good idea, but even with 3 of us seemed quite a lot to organise, there was also a complication that Sue Carr and Terry Humphries' exhibition in the Beehive couldn't be taken down until today, and I was watching my daughter run the half marathon in Bath today, so Tim kindly took their paintings from the Beehive this morning. The photos below don't feature their paintings, although they are now hanging in the 2 exhibitions.
So here we go, a record of the hanging of the exhibitions, and the final products:

 We started by arranging the work that had been handed in along the walls and tried to decide which should go to the Window Gallery, and which should stay in the library
 Bee Operanto's gorgeous hares clearly couldn't stay on the table, although they looked great on there
 Below here's another of Bee's hare inspired pieces:
 And a couple of Marilyn Trew's pieces, which one should go into the window?
 Lots of standing around required:
 Drinking coffee
 and eating gorgeous cake from Little Miss CakeMaker who was selling these beauties in the Beehive Emporium:

 Above and below we can see Rachel Pryor has been really busy over the winter months
 After messing about and putting it off, we finally got the pins into the wall, and ended up with a great exhibition in the Courtyard Gallery:

 When these exhibitions were hung, we didn't have work from Susan Carr or Terry Humphries because their work was in the Beehive, and Nadine Gould couldn't hand in work until later on Sunday. I have taken more photos with their work and some labels which you can't see here
 To the right above, and left below
 And the overall effect below:
 More of the library corridor:

 Below Susan Carr's and Terry Humphrie's work
 And Nadine Gould's soldier:

 A few groups of paintings:

 And below, another of Nadine's paintings:
 Obviously the best thing is to go and look at the exhibitions, if you haven't already done so, and
 if you are inspired to join Swindon Open Studios this year, the Registration Forms are available from the website:

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