Friday, 24 April 2015

An NGS Garden in Bradford on Avon and then the Snakeshead Fritillaries at North Meadow

What a marathon of garden visiting and plant observation I had last Sunday; having visited The Courts Garden in Holt, and walked to Great Chalfield Manor in the morning, it was only a couple of miles down the road to Bradford on Avon where Priory House was open under the NGS scheme. As suggested in the yellow book on page 598, we parked in  the town centre and walked up to Priory House.
This was the first view I noticed as we parked outside the leisure centre, with the lovely lead clad tower::
 The garden at  Priory House is a three quarters of an acre town garden laid out quite formally, with 5000 new tulips being planted every year. It has been featured in Gardens Illustrated, and you can see why, there are some lovely features, like the lovely terracotta planters filled with tulips in the front garden
 Square planters filled with tulips at the side of the house
 where there's also a beautifully trained apple tree
 Very similar to this tree which grows like this
 Lots of climbers will look lovely later on in the season
 And at the back of the garden, another view of the same tower I photographed form the car park.
 And lastly another arrangement of tulips in planters
 Before leaving we had a lovely pot of tea and some very good fruit and cherry cake, the garden is next open on 2 August when the borders are displaying asters, heleniums, dahlias and grasses. Worth another trip out I think. It was by this time 5.15pm, off home, or to North Meadow near Cricklade to look at the 80% of this country's Snakeshead Fritillaries. No contest really.
 There's also a lovely stream beside the meadow in places
 Here's a close up of the flowers
 The next 2 photos attempt to show the sheer numbers of the flowers, but don't really, the best thing to do is to go and look at North Meadow

 There are also some fab King Cups there as well
And that was the end of two plant centred  days, there's still time to see the fritillaries, in fact they may be peaking this weekend.

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