Friday, 3 April 2015

Evenley Wood Garden Revisited for the Second Rare Plant Fair of 2015

I visited the gardens and Rare Plant Fair for Mother's Day last year on 30 March, this year on the 29 March, and what a difference. We still had a great time amid torrential rain and gale force winds, and comparing the photos from last years blog entry, the Magnolias were in flower last year, but not this.
There were however some spectacular shows of spring flowers in the woods:
Above a mass of Narcissi and below a carpet of Scilla cleverly planted like a strip of blue carpet::
The photos lack vibrancy because in between the showers, the day was also dull, in fact I was reluctant to take any.
I was very keen on these white flowers which are Allium Aflatunense

This shrub below was also lovely, with lovely creamy white flowers, unsure what it is, maybe a Lonicera?
The Cyclamen Coum were also beautiful, but the photo I took looks like a weedy patch, so I've deleted it
Despite the weather, 10 purchases were made:
 I'm very pleased with them all, it's lovely to discuss the history of the plants with people who have grown them.
 The Daphne at the back was grown from seed, and the Primula is a true Oxlip. I found a plant in a garden where I lived in 1983, and have transplanted it to wherever I've lived ever since. It isn't a cowslip, or a primrose, but I thought maybe an Oxlip which is why I bought the guaranteed Oxlip.
When I picked the flowers, I could see the difference:
The Oxlip is on the left and mine is on the right, quite fascinating.
The next Rare Plant Fair is on 12 April at the Old Rectory in Quenington, let's hope for less wind and rain.

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