Friday, 3 April 2015

Opening Night of the Bradenstoke Project at Vu:Du

This is becoming a bit of a habit, going out to Vu:Du, this time for the opening of an exhibition of artworks inspired by the Bradenstoke priory ruin and the surrounding landscape by arists Paul Exton and Beverley Greig.
Having heard from Bev and Paul what a beautiful place the area around the  Priory was, I went to have a look and loved it. Looking at the images they'd produced from their trips out there, I could feel the atmosphere and 'see' the place.  I took photos and put them on the blog on 27 October last year, but took no photos of the area around the Priory for some reason.
Anyway to last night's photos, I took 4 of Bev's because they were  zinging with colour and a real sense of place:

The chandeliers constantly tried to be in the photographs, and then on the other side of the room, those paintings behind glass were hard to photograph:
 Anyway do go and have a look, there's a Facebook page called 'Vu:Du Coffee Shop which has lots more up to date information on this.
The people came out in force last night, with Caroline Day, seen with her back to the camera, wearing a very 'Bradenstoke coloured'  top.

 It was very busy and a great event
 Below, I tried to photograph Caroline beside one of Bev's paintings!
I must return and take some of Paul Exton's work and add it here:

In the meantime, go and have a look round Vu:Du.

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