Sunday, 12 April 2015

Taking a Look inside the Corn Exchange

I am hoping that the plans to restore the Corn Exchange in Old Town to its former glory, and enable it to move forward into the 21st Century come to fruition. At the local Pipers Area residents association meetings, Steve Rosier, the person behind the latest plans for redevelopment, has talked passionately on several occasions about his spectacular plans, bringing the place alive again with artist' impressions of what it could look like.
When the strong winds brought down the hoardings around the place blew down last weekend, I thought I must go in and have a look and see what it looks like.
Here's what I saw when I looked round this morning:
 I went in through the left hand side doorway, above which is carved the following:
 'Blessed be the Lord who daily loadeth us with benefits'
 And through into an arched doorway, and below looking up into the tower
 Below through a window
 Below looking into the collapsed basement where floorboards have been destroyed by fire in 2003 and 2004.
 The roof has long since gone, and Buddleia have largely taken over.
 From the inside looking up at a boarded up window.
Built in Italianate style, the inside of the Corn Exchange, even amongst the ruins felt very special.
 A great shot of the tower against the clear blue sky

 Three more photos of trees inside the building

 And another photo of the tower:
 I am pleased I was able to look inside the Corn Exchange and hope that the next time I walk inside, it looks very different, and is being enjoyed by the community.
Passing the building later on, I saw the hoardings had been replaced, so it's no longer possible to look inside.
Some great photos appear on a Swindon Web video.


  1. Fabulous photos. It's so sad though to see it like that.

  2. Thank you. It is very sad to see what a bad state it's in.