Thursday, 16 April 2015

Third Rare Plant Fair of 2015

The third Rare Plant Fair was held on Sunday at Quenington Rectory and attracted huge crowds of eager plant buyers. It's so refreshing to rub shoulders with people keen to buy plants new to them.I was really pleased with the plants I bought, arranged them on the back steps as usual and then somehow didn't photograph them and have now planted some of them!
Here are a few photos, it's hard to get close to crowds without seeming to intrude, so most of these seem a long way away.

 This photo though gives an idea of the almost 'scum' conditions prevailing at some stalls:
 Around the grounds, there were masses of wood anenomes
 some sculptures
 and a new path:
 And then afterwards, a visit to the local church was well worth doing, these decorated stone arches haven't reproduced very well, but are different and quite amazing.

Worth another visit I think.

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