Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Return Visit to Mary Keen's Garden

When I looked at my 'Yellow Book', I discovered that Mary's garden is only open twice this year, I'd already missed the first snowdrop Monday, so I went along there on Monday 11May, not wanting to miss her last open day of the year. It's like a gardening pilgrimage for me, there's always so much to learn from other gardeners, and their gardens, and with Mary keen that is certainly very true.
Apart from my first photograph of the house, which I've taken before, I took photos of the most stunning things from my point of view.
 I'll say what they are in case it's not obvious, this is one of the several huge Euphorbias.
 And behind that, a beautiful tree peony:
 Some beautiful Auriculas:

 A photo of the steep garden behind the lawn, with lovely tall evergreen conifer type things around a great planter
 Close up of a profusion of Honesty:
 And this great way of showing Auriculas in a stand Mary found in a junk shop
 This hasn't come out that well, but it shows a contrasting alpine Clematis and one of those orange flowered shrubs that grows thugishly anywhere it's planted:
 Below, one of the perennial long borders with an interesting repeating pattern of plants, including a lovely umbellifer, not obvious from the photo
 There are tantalising glimpses of the church from the garden
 I love this greenhouse, Mary has the most wonderful collection of tender Geraniums, and is also raising other plants in there. You might just be able to see a shopping basket hanging from the roof, a great way of escaping form slugs and snails!!
 And lastly, a fern unfurling, it was lovely and made me think I need some ferns in my garden.
Maybe at this weekend's Rare Plant Fair, I'll buy some.

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