Thursday, 7 May 2015

Celebrating the Start of the Swindon Festival of Literature at the Dawn Chorus on 4 May

Once again as I set my alarm for 4.50am on Sunday evening, I wondered whether it would be fine, or very cold,  knowing whatever the weather I would be on the ridge above Lawn Woods at 5.30am, celebrating the beginning of the Festival the next morning.
I was not disappointed, the morning was fabulous, if you haven't yet sampled this delightful custom of celebrating the start of the Festival, do it next year, the feeling generated by the surroundings, the performances, the audience and the weather is magical.
I have taken lots of photographs, and selected a few in chronological order, so you can see the day breaking. Apologies to the singers and anyone else who wasn't photographed for leaving them out.
The first one is taken while walking along Newport Street with sun beginning to rise behind the Corn Exchange:
And then then the show began with Danny on the pipes and Jake on the watering can, althjough I didn't manage to photograph him at that stage
Then we had the wonderful Sun Arise Singers and  next came Jacob Hi-Ho with some fab fire juggling:
  Then some firey hula hoops:
And then as the sun began to blind us with it's brilliance, Matt Holland made a welcome appearance, reminding us that although this is the twenty second Festival of Literature, we don't think of a person who's 22 as old, but lively and vital.
 Jake also juggled again and was aided by some very talented 'randomly' selected children:
And now on a unicycle:

 Above the very eye catching, tin whistle playing Rainbow Blue, who later gave me a wish.
The climax of the event was Jake on the high wire doing the most amazing things, I've included a whole series of photographs of him because he was more impressive than ever:

 The Cow Parsley billowed all around us giving a really fresh and new feel to the morning

More details of the festival are to be found at
It carries on until 16 May, so there's plenty of time to join in with the rest of it.

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