Thursday, 28 May 2015

Let's Look After - PARA's 5th Community Event

The local residents' association PARA, Pipers Area Residents Association, held their 5th planting and tidying the area, and general socialising event on 17 May. The event has been renamed 'Let's Look After' to reflect an increased brief, we now are working with Incredible Edible who are planting at Croft School and playgroup, as well as helping us on the day. Having started with the bed on the corner of Newport Street and Devizes Road, we have now moved on to other beds, making 7 in all. To see the history of some of the beds in photos, have a look at the PARA website
We were lucky to have had quite a bit of rain before the event making the weeding and planting of more perennials easier, with virtually no watering needed then, although  we need some rain now.
I'll show you a few photos of each of the sites:
Firstly the bed opposite Rose Earle's newsagents where Cllr Nadine Watts led the planting, and described by the people who put up the posters as the best bed they visit:
 Above posing for a photo and below getting stuck in
The bed beside the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery is challenging because it's a tree stump with soil around it, here's a before shot:
And after, Colin, our chair had a team with him who didn't want to be photographed:
From there to Berenger Close where James and Lyn worked tirelessly on a bed, first on the right as you go in:
 Onto the Intel roundabout where there's the bed under the Marlborough Road sign and a much larger bed, led by Neil:

The bed beside the Co-op, and the smaller bed nearby was cleaned up by Judith and team, and not as yet photographed.
The bed on the corner of Newport Street and Devizes Road hasn't been photographed yet either, a job for today.
That takes us on to the Mr Cod bed which is looking fabulous despite only being planted for the first time by us, last autumn, here are some photos:
 Work in progress:

 Below a photo of the plants:
 And a lovely photo of the team involved:
Yesterday, an email from Cllr Nadine Watts communicated this great news about the benches:
Following on from the planting at the Let's Look After event the other weekend, I raised a case for the Council to look at the benches by Mr Cod.
The Council have installed a new slat, painted the ends and will be oiling all the timber this morning.
The benches look better and should last longer now they have been sorted.
Hopefully, people will enjoy this area more now that they benches have been refreshed and there is some beautiful planting.
And here they are. We just have to paint over the flaking paint behind them, and the area will look even more fantastic.

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