Sunday, 31 May 2015

Rare Plant Fair at Kingston Bagpuize

Last Sunday May 24 I went along to my fourth Rare Plant Fair this year, and probably the last of 2015 for me. The fairs are great, there is always an excellent range of nurseries attending with such good quality, reasonably priced plants and lots of information about their cultivation, and they're held in beautiful gardens.
Kingston Bagpuize House is beautiful, set in delightful grounds.
Here are a few photos taken last Sunday when the weather was a bit dull, but there was a fabulous turn out.
 This gorgeous Magnolia tree is in the field where we parked the car, you can just see the flowers dotted all over it:
 It all looks a bit far away, but here are the stalls and crowds of people

 And the house
 People looking at plants with the house in the background

 Below the long herbaceous border
 I took a few close ups, but they look a bit 'jungly' like the one below

 I like this view into the wooded area
 The steps up to the terrace had a lovely Wisteria in full bloom

And further along a white one.

 Some lovely trees
 and tree Peonies
 Love this structure, it works really well
 And a lovely layered Viburnum?
If you click on the rare Plant Fair link, you can see where the others are being held, it's tempting to go to the one in Birmingham, or have a weekend away and go to one.
I nearly forgot, this is what I bought:
Absolute beauts all of them!

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