Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Little Big Festival's 2nd Birthday Celebrations

This lovely event took place on 10 May by the bandstand in the Old Town Gardens to celebrate the wonderful events taking place there for the last 2 years. The poster showed the lovely cherry blossom in flower on the day:
I arrived in time for the speeches and cake, the whole event is managed by Josie Williams, based at Commonweal School, involved with all things performance related there, the Little big Festival and the Old Town Festival.
Here she is, wearing green and orange, opening the event and introducing the wonderful voices of the Commonweal Choir:
 Below a random shot:
 In addition to musicians playing at weekends, there's a great artistic scene, organised by Caroline Day, details of what's happening each weekend can be found by clicking on this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TGLBF.Artists/
 In addition to artists painting, there are often workshops for children and adults, so have a look and see what's happening.
Terry Humphries and Susan Carr were painting on the birthday celebration Sunday, and had a selection of their work for sale in a gazebo, here they are, prepared for any weather:
 Another shot with the bandstand in the background:

 Down by the cherry blossom, I found Caroline Day painting cherry blossom; her current exhibition in Vu:Du features some beautiful paintings and prints of cherry blossom and magnolia, if you click on her name, you can find out more
 Below, Caroline had a board with information about her current exhibition, if you haven't been in yet, have a look, Vu:Du is on Victoria Hill near the Swindon Advertiser offices.
 For this years Open Studios, Bev Greig will be exhibiting in Vu:Du; she is also running some Experimental Drawing sessions in the Little big Festival, see the Facebook page for details.

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