Thursday, 21 May 2015

Visiting TWIGS to buy some Perennials for the PARA planting

My local residents' association,  Pipers Area Residents' Association, or PARA now have 7 community beds which we weed and plant with a mixture of perennials and annuals, with spring bulbs at each site. We aim to reduce the need to add more plants at each of our spring and autumn sessions, we have increasingly been filling gaps with perennials. I visited TWIGS Community Gardens, the amazing therapeutic gardens situated behind the Manor Gardens, Swindon SN2 2QJ on Cheney Manor industrial estate, to buy some of their extremely healthy, home raised, perennials.
It was a bit like Chelsea a few days early! There are about 12 different themed gardens off the main path just like at Chelsea. Before looking at the plants for our community event, now named 'Let's Look After' because it's been enlarged to include the local Croft School, and nearby playgroup, and we've been joined by Incredible Edible gardeners as well, I took some photos of the gardens.
If you've already visited TWIGS, go again, the gardens are looking fab at the moment, their NGS open day coincided with our event, and they had certainly made sure the gardens were looking wonderful.
Here are a few photos:
 Here's the main avenue, more of a path, and a garden with an enticing path below
 Further down the path
 Structures make a garden look more inviting don't they?
  There were some fabulous pink Aquilegias in several of the gardens, seen below, must ask for some seeds, although they probably won't breed true.

 A couple of views of the same garden with a lovely semi circular structure

 These willow twirly things are rather lovely aren't they?
 The hens looked happy scratching around:
 Here's the area where teas are served when the gardens are open for an event
 Below the plant sales office:
 The plant sales area:
 And the plants I bought
Thank you TWIGS for supplying some wonderful plants this year. We also are grateful to Rose Earle in Newport Street for supplying lots of colourful annuals, and supplying us with water. Photos of the results of the planting and tidying up to follow.

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