Monday, 22 June 2015

A Day Out in June- starting at Chippenham station

Meeting up with friends for a day out is always a treat, pure indulgence, especially when we are in midsummer with the luxury of what feels like endless daylight. We had agreed to meet at Chippenham station, and despite the patchy weather, I was keen to go on a cross country walk, to get lost in the beauty of the countryside, well not intentionally lost, although that did happen,
We decided to walk due south from Chippenham aiming for Lacock, and armed with an OS map, and having chatted to a helpful person in the ticket office, was quite confident we'd reach Lacock, it's only 4miles away after all.
I took a few photos along the way, the long bench at Chippenham station is very impressive, although the platform isn't used because there's no track beside it!
 And so into Chippenham towards the footpath, on the way seeing some lovely buildings including this one:
 Trying to photograph Kathy and Jay looking at the camera wasn't easy.
 Here we are at the beginning of the track:
 Below some teasles and ominous clouds which didn't empty onto us
 After much wandering through housing estates, we found the correct footpath, and below an impressive bridge across marshland:
 A lovely stream:
 A photo of Jay
 There's a break in continuity when we took the wrong branch of the footpath without realising it, ended up at an impassable field and had to walk down Lackham College's road to get back on track. Below is a stand of trees beside Lackham buildings
 From there we walked to the outskirts of Lacock, where we found this bridge:
 And just beside it this chocolate box pair of semis:
 Jay photographing something beside the cottage:

 Above and below an artist's studio with a lovely garden outside it:
 A bit further along after the tarmacked path across a field, we came to the ford
 and then this very narrow bridge
 with a great view of greenery
 Now we were in Lacock village proper, and were tempted by the huge range of plants for sale
 The Red Lion was serving food even at 3.45pm
 and had glorious planters outside the pub
 We didn't try and walk back to Chippenham, but took the easier option of the bus, and called in to see Liam, formerly of the Plough, now at the Black Horse.
It would be great to have waymarkings guiding the walker from Chippenham to Lacock, it's potentially a great walk, but hard to undertake with so little guidance on the ground.
For an alternative view of the day, please have a look at this excellent account:

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