Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Great Job of Clearing and Planting below the Beehive

It was great this morning to take part in the Swindon Back Garden group's  community clearing and planting event led by Cllr Paul Dixon and the Secret Garden group. The event started with the thistle ridden beds just below the Beehive which have looked neglected for ages, and as more people arrived they also worked on the beds at the junction of Warwick Road and Swindon Road.
This is what the Beehive bed looked like at the start:
 Tracy White, Paul Dixon and Bob Cretchley were there spot on 10.30am and began clearing the top bed, they were quickly joined by others who got stuck in:
 And here are the final touches being made to smooth the bed over prior to planting, and some compost was added to improve the texture of the soil.
 We then laid out the plants bought from TWIGS , the market, and kindly supplied by Kathryn Hay of Incredible Edible. We dug holes and watered thoroughly with water kindly supplied by the Beehive, and then planted the vegetables which included tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers around the edge, so that they can be easily picked when they're ready, and the flowering plants in less accessible areas.
 The results are stunning, looking down towards Morrisons, and upwards to the Beehive, the beds look fabulous.
 Here's a close up of the lower bed with Penstemons and Foxgloves in the foreground.
The other bed, seen below is much larger than these two, with poorer soil and more perennial weeds, so although it's clear now, hasn't been planted properly yet

Various shots of people as they have just finished the beds
 And a great shot of all those left at the end. There were lots more people involved during the morning, and it was great to be among so many enthusiasts.

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