Saturday, 27 June 2015

Opening Night of Tim Carroll's Exhibition at the Richard Jefferies Museum

It seemed like a good idea to advertise the fact that Tim Carroll has an exhibition in the Gallery at the Richard Jefferies Museum by inviting people to a barbecue. What better setting for a small gathering on a midsummer's evening? I don't have much idea about cooking on a barbecue, but Mike Pringle and Hilda Sheehan were more than happy to take the brunt of the smoke and turn burgers and sausages. Despite a little late afternoon rain, by the time the start of the evening at 6pm, it had disappeared and we could spend the evening outside.
I'll start with Mike's photograph of Tim in front of five of his 100 Views of Swindon in the Gallery, I particularly like the photo and the hanging of the pictures is perfect:
While Tim spent much of the evening talking to people in the Gallery, others were outside by the barbecue which seemed to carry on producing quite a bit of smoke:
 Following the success of scones, jam and whipped cream at the open garden, I made some for 'pudding':
The garden extends on all four sides of the house, with a Richard Jefferies station proposed where the Coate water railway line reaches the wood in the back garden.
 The orchard has a magic trail leading from it, and from there you get a great view of the house
 Here's another view of people from the orchard
 Robert Stredder who has been working on the garden, took me into the walled vegetable garden where there are some raised beds, and 2 greenhouses, there's room for 3 more beds.
The Museum is open every Sunday from 1.30-5pm until the end of September, and between 10.30am-4pm on the second Wednesday of the month. This exhibition runs until the beginning of September, so there's an opportunity to have a look at it if you didn't manage to get there last night.
From September,  Benoit Philippe will have an exhibition in the Gallery, and be on site on Saturdays and Sundays for the 2 weekends of Open Studios the 5th/6th and 12th/13th September.

The posters for last night's event looked like this:

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  1. The opening was great, the weather fairly clement, and the company very pleasant. I would encourage anyone to view this great painting exhibition. And while you are there, visit the museum.