Sunday, 28 June 2015

Photos of the Garden at Oare House

 Oare House was open this afternoon from 2-6pm for the NGS, and having visited a year ago, I was keen to go back and have another look, see what I'd missed last time, and what was different. There were lots of visitors, all of whom were very impressed by the fabulous gardens; for at Oare House, there are several different parts to the garden, some small and intimate, others on a grander scale. What you can be sure of when you visit is that there has been lots of attention to detail, a huge variety of plants and styles of planting.
So what attracted attention this time?
The first glimpse of the view from the driveway is breath taking, but I didn't take a photo of that, preferring the first view of the garden:
 and on the left of this walkway, a small fountain
 and some gorgeous Hostas, this was particularly attractive
 Then outside one of the side doors, a pair of Daturas
 and a fab P. Lord Bute
 From there walking to the back of the house, you get the first glimpse of the award winning pagoda designed by I.M.Pei; this is the only example of his architecture in this country, another well known one, is the Pyramid at the Louvre, Paris.
 Walking round the formal garden behind the house, if you look back, the view of the house is spectacular
 I like this shot of the pavilion with Pewsey Vale in the background
 and the woods beside the pathway
 I like this one through the trees
and from there to the rest of the garden:
 above and below the vegetables so beautifully arranged with lavender edges pathways, something I'm keen to introduce in my garden
 below red flowered broad beans

 Above spectacular artichokes, and below the fabulous long borders:
 Some of the plants I really liked included this one, a bit tansy like, but I'm not sure what it is
 Lovely contrasting Euphorbia
 Alliums beautifully clustered together
 Below a poor photos of a yellow salvia
 Another area of the garden where there were some lovely Fuchsias and Salvias
 Below in another part of the garden this is a huge planter
 Beside the potting shed, there was a lovely pelargonium filled greenhouse
 This Pelargonium was a favourite of mine, so lovely
 On the other side of the track to the rest of the garden are 2 huge greenhouses with a large selection of Streptocarpus, Fuchsias and Pelargoniums.
I took over 60 photographs of the garden, this was a selection of them, I would suggest you look out for the 2 opening dates in 2016, it's a fabulously inspiring garden.

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