Friday, 12 June 2015

Tim Carroll's Exhibition at the Richard Jefferies Museum

There's a great gallery in the Richard Jefferies Museum which I hope we are going to be able to utilise for open studios in September. In the meantime, there's a lovely exhibition of some of Tim Carroll's work in the gallery which I went to have a look at last Sunday afternoon.
Here's the information about the gallery, apologies that it's a bit small to read:
Then the paintings, beautifully hung by Mike Pringle:
 Above the swan on Coate Water and a pear tree in blossom in a previous garden:
 Above watercolours of 2 white horses, and below 5 of Tim's 100 Views of Swindon
 Belwo another of the views and a wax encaustic picture of terraced streets
 Below two figurative pieces:
 Above the mantlepiece, there's a couple and a futuristic building with a roof garden
 Below, one of my favourite pictures inspired by living opposite a house having an extension built to one side of it. I wanted to show it to the neighbours who built the extension, but Tim wasn't keen to show it to them.
When can you see the exhibition? The Richard Jefferies Museum is open every Sunday afternoon from 1.30-5pm when in addition to the gallery, there's lots more to see inside, and cream teas with delicious mulberry jam when you've had a look round. The garden is managed by Robert Stredder and is looking good.
There will be an opening night with refreshments including a barbecue on Friday 26th June starting at 6pm, why not come along then?

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