Monday, 13 July 2015

Some Real Stars in the Garden

I could write a post like this every week, but do restrain my enthusiasm for the garden a bit because I think although it's interesting to me, I'm unsure if others feel the same enthusiasm.
However when plants give an exuberant performance, as some are at the moment, I need to share their efforts.
There are stories behind some plants, a favourite among my plants is Dierama, Angels Fishing Rods. I first saw this plant years ago at Braeside when doing some peer education training with Year 9 students. It has taken years for me to get a plant to flower as it is doing now, I have seen it lining a path to a house in Emsworth, growing in enviable profusion, but up til now, I've found them difficult to grow and produce flowers:
 And Dierama is difficult to photograph because its flowers nod downwards.
 Above Crocosmia lucifer looking fabulous at the moment, but maybe blowing about too much to get a good photo. And below some Pelargoniums in a large planter; they do so much better in a large rather than a small planter, it's obvious really. The ones you can see are Pelargonium Lord Bute and Little Dancer, both glorious in their own way.
 Here's a fab summer flowering Clematis
 More Crocosmia lucifer, still not very clear

 Below a triumph, it's Romneya coulteri, or Tree Poppy bought form Derry Watkins at Special Plants on 21.11.13 and now growing beautifully and flowering after a quiet year last year

 These beauties above were given as a bit of root two years ago by someone working at Great Dixter, it's now huge and wonderful, I've included another photo below so you can see how big it's got.
 One of those tiny flowered foxgloves appears below.
 There's lots more to enjoy in the garden at the moment, but these were my highlights yesterday.

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