Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Picnic in the Park

This event was held as part of the Little Big Festival in the Old Town Gardens on July 1st, the hottest day of the year and probably decade, in the afternoon. It was a brilliantly organised event with lots of acts from Lethbridge and Commonweal Schools to entertain everyone. The idea was very appealing, so I took the grandchildren along; we were all very entertained by the singing and dancing and settled back to enjoy ourselves until I discovered I'd mislaid my phone and wallet.
I'd actually left it at home, but time was lost in discovering this, and the mood chnaged, so instead of a proper post on this, I've got a photo of the poster:
and a few of the crowds enjoying the afternoon:

 I think Josie Williams organiser of much that goes on in the Town Gardens was responsible for the line up and compering, so congratulations to Josie for staging a great event.
If you want to know what's going on every weekend in the Town Gardens, thanks to the superb organisation skills of Caroline Day, then click here:

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