Tuesday, 21 July 2015

We have the Brochures!

I picked up the brochures yesterday from Mark at Minuteman Press in Newport Street, they have done a fabulous job for us yet again, advising and making suggestions at many stages of the process.
They look excellent, wonderful colours, fab layout, and no images cut in half by folds, thanks to the marvellous work of Jane Milner-Barry, brochure maker extraordinaire.
Brochures are now available from participating artists, and also from 52, St.Margaret's Road, where they can be found in a recycling bin in the front garden. Come and get your copy.
I'll add some photos I took to Tweet the arrival of the brochures:
 The brochures in a box with David Robinson's great image on the front, and Tim carrying the boxes form the car below
Six boxes!
 And below, Joe Wright saw my Twitter entries and came round within the hour to collect his brochures!!

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