Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Favourite garden? Great Dixter is so Wonderfully Exuberant

On a recent holiday to East Sussex, I revisited Great Dixter, one of the most wonderful garden, with  exuberant planting and fresh ideas of how to achieve stunning effects. This, my second visit was as memorable and pleasurable as the first; the planting is so carefully crafted and I came away wanting to spend the rest of my life trying to become a better gardener so I could achieve something a bit like Dixter at home.
What ideas have I come away with?
Firstly, you can provide a warm welcome at the front door:
 I love this mass of plants in pots around the door, although I'm sure it's a nightmare to keep watered
 Above to the right of the door, and below to the left

Next, it's all about height, and impressive plants, love the Eupatorium above and Rudbeckia it's teamed with.
Are these Telekias, or Inulas? I think Telekias
Crocosmia Lucifer was much in evidence and looking really good in late July, very hard to capture the colour of it in a photograph,

Umbellifers work don't they? Particularly in profile against the sky.

Echinops with Mullein in the background, and below a close up.
More pots in a courtyard area with the dachsund mosaic
And here's the fabulous Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener at Great Dixter, and on the day we visited so busy that within the space of 10 minutes, we saw him in three different locations in the gardening. Here he is watering in newly planted Rudbeckias.

I love this Mediterranean bed with Agaves, Aeoniums, cacti and sempervivums.
Below the long border, possibly my favourite photo of the visit.
If you haven't been to Great Dixter, it's well worth going.

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