Thursday, 27 August 2015

Invitations Received so Far....

I like to think of hosting an open studio being a bit like holding a party, invitations being part of the process. Certainly from my point of view, anticipating guests is very exciting, and it's great when there's a big turn out, so this year we have been very encouraged by the Swindon Advertiser's Liz Mackley who has ensured we have had a lot of coverage. I'm hoping that we'll get a bumper turn out for this years Open Studios, certainly more people than ever should be aware of the two weekends, but no one can come to all 39 venues, so visitors will have to be selective.
Here's a selection of invitations artists have produced this year:
 Artsite have produced 2 invitations, one for their associates' exhibition and another for their open studios where the following artists can be found in their studios: Bill Cox, Kate Dawson,Phyllida Richards, Martin King, Sally Taylor, Samantha Silverton, , Lynette Thomas Sue Wigmore Paula Sullivan, Paul Exton, Martin King, Vicky Silver, Laura Cadman, Sue Bardwell and Jason Barrett
 Tim Carroll's invitation to our open studio
 David Bent's 2 invitations to his open studio

 And Susan Carr and Terry Humphries' 2 invitations to the Town Gardens open studio

 Here's Naomi Cantillon's invitation
 And Marilyn Trew's
 David Robinson and Mark Worrall's invitation.
 Mark and David have invited people from far and wide and encouraged them to come with this lovely guide to Swindon:

 Jane Milner-Barry's invitation, also with Rachel Pryor and Lucy Britton
 Lynne Forrester's event on the second weekend at Bradenstoke village hall
 Pei Lim's invitation to her studio in the Mall.
And Alex Coppock-Bunce's invitation:
 And Caroline Day's also at the Town Gardens weather permitting
And today 2 more invitations:
Every Cloud Arts and Crafts who will be exhibiting at Stanton Farmhouse:
 and Carmen B Norris' invitation. She'll be at the Central Library

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