Saturday, 1 August 2015

Marlborough Open Studios Visit

It's fascinating to have a look round another open studios, and Marlborough Open Studios being our closest one, thought it would be good to visit. Jane and I went on the third weekend, and it would be good to have published this piece then so people could have visited the studios mentioned, now you will have to wait until 2016, a holiday got in the way of blogging.
I realised the importance of the map in trying to plan visits, but in the end we were constrained by the Marlborough Jazz Festival, so avoided any studios in Marlborough, or traveling through the town, imagining snarled up and diverted traffic.
First of all we headed for Baydon, a delightful village I don't think I've ever visited before, there was no difficulty finding her studio because of the excellent signage, in the form of Corex advertising boards and  laminated signs at the entrance to her road, and then welcoming bunting as we arrived at her house.

 I loved the driftwood boats and beach scene, examples of which are seen below in 
 Kareen Jackson's delightful studio.
From there we went into a sort of conservatory room made from French oak where Jemma Gunning was exhibiting her printmaking.
 From there, it was just a short walk to Sue Lashmar's studio where we saw some of her colourful fused glassware and jewelery in her large studio overlooking a field of llamas.

 And here's Sue, she was also selling cards hand painted in watercolour by Ann Welsh. They were beautifully painted, and very attractive.
 And below, the llamas can just about be seen.
From there, we decided to go to Sioban Coppinger's house where Toby Robson had said he'd be involved in helping with a Bronze Casting demonstration with hot metal pours.
Sioban's 'studio' seemed to occupy most of a house, with different phases of the bronze sculpture making being shown in each room. There were also lots of drawings:
 Above a green man, and below two examples of sculpture
 Below parts of a bronze animal showing one of the making stages
And below, rods can just be seen in the horse's leg
 An amazing bird of prey
 Painting of a pigeon

 One of the upstairs studios
 Below Toby Robson in pouring gear; it was hard to talk to him!
There was so much to see at Sioban's studios, but we wanted to see a couple more so we went to Mary Morgan Molton's studio at Upavon, to avoid Marlborough with its uncertain traffic flow, we went via Hungerford and seemed to clock up quite a few miles, and angered a couple of other drivers who knew where they were going.
 Mary's paintings are hanging in the house, the back of which can be seen in this painting above. We saw her studio and another gallery in the garden.
 From there we decided we had time for one last visit, to Sebastian Ward Turner sharing a studio with Deborah Husk at Alton Barnes. The signs were all pointing to the studios in the garden of the Manor House, but despite stating he was open until 5pm, at 4.45pm, there was no one there except a couple of dogs roaming around outside. A disappointing end to a lovely day.
We decided to go the Barge Inn at Honey Street before heading for home.

What a lovely spot.
Thank you to all those who showed such hospitality to us, and wish we'd managed to see more studios.

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