Sunday, 9 August 2015

Old Town Art Trail is a Big Success

You will have seen from the brochure, if you have a hard copy that there are 15 businesses involved in the Old Town Art Trail, having looked up the brochure pages posted here in July, I see that the page with the businesses on isn't featured there, so here it is:
We allocated artists who had said they'd like to be involved in this scheme to businesses, and then took 5 businesses to visit with brochures, triangular information boards and the name of their artist.
I started off with the Wheatsheaf pub on Newport Street, where Vieve Forward and Philip Robinson will be displaying their work.
Tina and Don were very happy to take their brochures, information card and are awaiting the arrival of Vieve and Philip.
From there I went to Tony Knowles Interiors shop where Margaret Sadler successfully exhibited last year, so I've paired them again. To do so, I needed to photograph both windows so she can complement the colour scheme. So here they are:
 Aren't they lovely? I wonder what Margaret will provide for the window?
 From there to see Liam at Run Swindon in Wood Street who was pleased to hear about Mollie Gratland who will be exhibiting in his window.
From there on to Deacons in Wood Street where I let them know they were having a picture from Alex Coppock-Bunce this year. Richard Deacon has supported this scheme since 2013/14 when  Carole Bent asked him if he would consider putting a small pic of Dave's in the window and a leaflet to publicise the event on behalf of all artists . As a thank you they gave him the picture and last year they gave him a copy of Dave's book as a thank you for doing it again . This has contributed hugely to a positive perception of the upside of showing artists work and supporting so much great local talent . 
And finally on to The Core in Devizes Road where Kris was very pleased to welcome Joe Wright's photographs very soon.
Good news came within hours of my emails to artists taking part in this scheme, Alex Coppock-Bunce had taken 3 pictures for Richard Deacon to choose one, and he'd chosen all of them. She was thrilled. Here's a link to what she said:

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