Sunday, 2 August 2015

Pashley Manor Garden and Rye

Having recently returned from a holiday organised around a visit to Charleston Farmhouse, I thought I'd share a few photos of the trip. Last year a holiday was planned around a visit to Wightwick Manor on the outskirts of Birmingham, and visited places around there, so this year we repeated the idea, with Charleston as the main destination.
Last time I visited east Sussex, I was really impressed by Rye, it looked like a gem of a town, so this year, we spent a couple of nights there in a converted windmill:
It's very near the centre of Rye with parking and is a really ideal place to stay with fabulous sunsets.
There's a wonderful painting of the windmill in the reception area by local artist Matt Hardman whose work can currently be seen in a Rye artists exhibition although this wasn't on when we were there. Below you can see Matt's fab painting, I wish I'd bought a card from Rye Art Gallery.
The first day was a visiting gardens day, with Pashley Manor first on the list, the house is spectacular and so are the gardens:
 The planting in the long borders is eye poppingly magnificent,:
 Fabulous orange and yellow Heleniums with proper supports, are these hazel I wonder?
 And wonderful vistas
 Pashley Manor is famed for its lunches, the salads are so tasty and portions very generous, below is the view I had while eating lunch:
 There's a well organised walled vegetable garden with a lovely ironwork seat used in their leaflets
 Here's another view

 And the conservatory is filled with Pelargoniums and Streptocarpus
 Here's a close up of the plants
I'd missed out on a visit to Pashley Manor on my first visit to east Sussex gardens a couple of years ago, and am glad I've been there now

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