Monday, 31 August 2015

The Launch of Poetry Swindon and Swindon Artists Collaborative Postcards

On Friday night I was attracted by invitations to attend the launch of the postcards to see the postcards.
This is what the invitation said: 'There will be readings of the poems and a celebration of the visual art created in response. The postcards will be on sale. Special guest poet Carrie Etter will also be giving a short reading of her work. Free!'
Here's the link I clicked on: 
and saw lots of Swindon Open Studios artists are taking part, and it looked like a good night out.
Hilda Sheehan, of all things poetic and a great entertainer introduced the event, which was very interesting. The intention was also to advertise the Poetry Swindon Festival 2015 taking place from the 1st-5th October with lots of great events taking place.
So here's what happened on Friday evening, it's all a bit distant because I arrived late and sat at the back, firstly here's Hilda  explaining what's happening:
 There were then quite a few people reading their poetry out before the postcard and poets part started, including Michael Scott who is a charismatic reader

 During the break, we were able to buy postcards with poetry on the back, I bought Pei Lim's postcard, which I love. Pei is exhibiting from her studio in the Mall this year, so do go along and see her.
 Below here's Gavin Salisbury poet and artist, Gavin will be in the central Library for open studios.
 And below the other postcard I bought, Sue Bardwell's dodos. A glorious image used on the Poetry on Postcards invitation.
 I think this is Ann Marie Laugher:
 Onto Lynette Thomas who will be taking place in SOS this year as last at the beehive, and also has pieces on display at Baila on Victoria Hill. Lynette's image was used on the front of the brochure for the poetry festival and she's running a workshop on Sunday 4th October at Lower Shaw Farm from 10am-12noon.
 Here's Val Gibbons talking about her piece; Val will be in the Central Library for open studios.

 Here is Ruth Wintle showing Hilda her owl; Ruth will be at Willows in Prospect Place for SOS.
 Below here's Tim Carroll talking to Hilda about his 'moons'
 There was a great moment when a group photo was needed

 Not sure which of these I like best.
 And finally Pei with her poet:
Lovely evening, and a lovely thank you today, reminding us about the exhibition at Artsite and various other things:

Dear Poets, Artists, and Friends,

Thank you to all who came to the Poetry Postcards launch event last night at the Central Library. There were over 100 people in the audience and it was a very vibrant night. It was such a pleasure to see all the work created in response to poetry and to hear most of the poems read. Some of the postcards sold out, which was amazing to see. 

If you were not able to attend the event, but have a poem or an artwork on a postcard, we owe you some postcards. Please let us know and we will put them in an envelope ready for collection at Artsite between 28th September and 5th October. If you can not collect these, then we can post them on to you. Just let us know and send us your address.

Many people have asked to buy extras, or couldn't buy postcards last night due to the crowds. We have now added Paypal buttons to the blog so you may share with family and friends too. 

You may buy a bundle of all postcards here: 

We would like to invite you all for a Private View of the exhibition at Artsite Post Modern Gallery on Wednesday 30th September at 6pm to 8:30pm. Please let us know if you can join us. 

You can see information for hanging your work and paying your hanging fees in the link below. We only ask that you pay according to pocket and welcome everyone to hang for whatever they are able to pay. We welcome your artwork or poem above any money, but still have many costs to cover. So do pay as little or as much as you can. All received with grateful thanks

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